Since we’re getting to know each other, I wanted to explain my own way of using the stars system. My perspective shifts every year, but this is where I stand in 2023.


Stories I adored. Stories that fed my soul.

Stories that shook my world or re-arranged my thoughts. Stories that will linger in my mind for years, invited to stay a while.

Stories that help me become the kind of person I want to be. Stories I respect for their teachings, stories I was recommended by friends I admire for their wisdom. Some stories I only need to read once, other stories I want to re-read for the rest of my days.

Stories like family, becoming ancestors to watch & guide the child I buried.


Stories I read with ease. Stories I loved.

Sometimes, there’s a single detail bothering me. Or just something missing. Something small and personal, often not worth mentioning.

Other times, there’s a lot of flaws.

Stories that were not perfect, but held my hand and stood with me. Stories I treat as friends: loving their whole being in spite of their many flaws.


Stories I liked. Stories I enjoyed, but failed to fall in love with.

Stories that occupied my time, but left me wanting. Maybe I read them at the wrong time, or in the wrong format. Maybe too many story elements bothered me. Maybe they were simply not written for me.

Stories I don’t regret reading, but likely won’t read again.


Stories I disliked.

Stories that were difficult to read, where I dragged myself through most pages. Sometimes, stories with too many inconsistencies or mistakes. Sometimes, stories I read for the wrong reason.

Stories soon forgotten.


Stories I hated.

Stories that awoke an ancient anger inside me. Stories I would shred and use as firewood without remorse. Stories that cause harm and trigger traumas incorrectly. Stories with few redeeming qualities.

Stories I struggle to banish to memory.

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