1st read: Robbing Centaurs and Other Bad Ideas

In 2022 I fell into a deep slump.

Months passed without the familiar desire to dive into stories for comfort. As the end of the year arrived and my reading goals seemed unreachable, I became desperate to claw myself out. It was in this state that I picked up Robbing Centaurs and Other Bad Ideas from my dusty bookshelf, fully intent on reading it in its entirety that day… but fortunately, intentions don’t always come to fruition.

This was not a story I wanted to devour; this was a story I wanted to slowly savour. I had discovered a story I could use to lift myself up and emerge from the dark. I read a few chapters, then put it aside to enjoy during my end-of-year vacation instead.

I’m glad I waited for this book to carry me into 2023. This was a refreshing, wholesome read. It marks the beginning of a better year.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Robbing Centaurs and Other Bad Ideas


Bethany Meyer








Fantasy, Humour, Adventure, Indie, Series


Wick the tree messenger is bound for success. His career as a messenger is better than it’s ever been, and he’s on the fast track to getting an even more important job as a councilor. But before he can succeed, word spreads that a thief is after the most powerful magic in Aro, the Heather Stone, and stealing it piece by piece. To be safe, Wick is entrusted with moving one of the stones to a safer location.

On his journey, Wick is overtaken by the thief himself, a seraph named Archer, but Archer’s plans as he explains them are nothing like what everyone thinks. Wick doesn’t know what to believe, but Archer seems so sure. Wick’s options are limited: ignore Archer and keep his piece of the Heather Stone out of potentially dangerous hands, or choose to trust this thief and the warning he brings.

Something is coming. An ancient scourge that could destroy all of Aro. All that stands in its way are an uncertain messenger and an untrustworthy thief. If he chooses wrong, Wick could lose everything.

Highlight: “I can’t believe you never sleep. You never eat, you never drink water, you never sleep. You’re not human.” / “Neither are you,” Wick pointed out in confusion. […]


19 oct 2022


1 jan 2023



Writing Quality:















I began reading this book in a bad mood, but it quickly brought some cheer back into me. There’s something charming and wholesome about the characters and plot. It was a light read, brief and deprived of anxiety or negative feelings. It made me chuckle and granted me some much-needed escapism. I might read this one to my nephew someday.

My depressed inner child needed this. She would have had a hardcore crush on Seraph… I’m excited to know more about his backstory. I also loved Wick, but I was perplexed by one of his decisions.

I will be reading World Saving and Other Disasters (the second book, released just last month!) soon to find out what happens next.

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2 responses to “1st read: Robbing Centaurs and Other Bad Ideas”

  1. CallMe.Tippy Avatar

    sounds like a book I would have loved in High School, not too sure if I would enjoy it now, for some reason I haven’t been able to get in fantasy like I used to as a child. I am enjoying magical realism though, so I guess that kind of counts. Also i love that quote you picked out!


    1. ReadRenard Avatar

      Magic realism is the best 🙂 It definitely counts


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