2023 GOALS & TBR

My reading goal for 2023 is to beat my previous years of reading. One detail works in my favour: It’s not the most arbitrary goal. There are a multitude of ways to measure and judge, a multitude of paths to victory.

I’ll be happy if I discover new authors and stories, I’ll be happy if I spend more time reading (hit a reading slump in 2022 and only read 5 books), I’ll be happy if I revisit old favourites and adopt new ones, I’ll be happy if I can beat my record for most books read in one year (previously 120 in 2020), I’ll be happy if I discuss and/or review each book with others… I want to experience my best bookish year so far and I’m going to make it happen.

To prepare, I made a list of books to read.

This TBR holds recommendations from friends, books recommended or written by old teachers/professors, stories I discovered scrolling on social media, genres I wish were available to me as a child, new books from authors I already love… I tried to pick as many genres as I could. There is no rhyme or reason to the order in which the books are represented. It’s just a chaotic amalgamation of everything I want to read right now.

There are 209 titles in total. I might add more as I receive recommendations, but it should be more than enough to start.

(the columns on the right represent: if the book is released, if the book is owned, if the book is read)

The Existence of AmyLana Grace Riva☑☑☐
The Foxhole Court (…#1)Nora Sakavic☑☑☐
The Look of a King (…#1)Tom Dumbrell☑☑☐
Connection Lost & Other Dark TalesGillian Church☑☑☐
KaikeyiVaishnavi Patel☑☑☐
FaoladhBrandi Gann☑☑☐
Remnants of BloodH. F. Cunningham☑☑☐
Taking Baby for a WalkKathryn Gossow☑☑☐
Children of the Benin KingdomDinah Orji☑☑☐
World Saving and Other DisastersBethany Meyer☑☐☐
Stormfire (2023)Jasmine Young☐☐☐
PhosphorescenceJulia Baird☑☐☐
Come CloseSappho☑☑☐
Akata Witch (…#1)Nnedi Okorafor☑☐☐
Silver in the Wood (…#1)Emily Tesh☑☑☐
Inferno of SilenceTolu’ A. Akinyemi☑☑☐
The Silence of the GirlsPat Barker☑☐☐
StarfishAkemi Dawn Bowman☑☐☐
The Beginning PlaceUrsula K. Le Guin☑☐☐
Squeezing Minds from StonesKarenleigh A. Overmann☑☐☐
A Thousand ShipsNathalie Haynes☑☐☐
The Rise and Fall of the DinosaursStephen Brusatte☑☐☐
White FragilityRobin DiAngelo☑☐☐
The Mountains SingNguyễn Phan Quế Mai☑☐☐
The Wren HuntMary Watson☑☐☐
Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About RaceReni Eddo-Lodge☑☐☐
Fifty Words for RainAsha Lemmie☑☐☐
Earth’s Wild MusicKathleen Dean Moore☑☐☐
Great GoddessesNikita Gill☑☐☐
S.T.A.G.S. (…#1)M.A. Bennett☑☐☐
The HarpyMegan Hunter☑☐☐
The Little Book of Otter PhilosophyJennifer McCartney☑☐☐
Field Notes from an Unintentional BirderJulia Zarankin☑☐☐
Phantasmagoria & Other PoemsLewis Caroll☑☐☐
The Dark WoodSydney Mann☑☐☐
Queens of the ConquestAlison Weir☑☐☐
A Deadly EducationNaomi Novik☑☐☐
Slewfoot: A tale of BewitcheryBrom☑☐☐
Argent BladeLuke Courtney☑☐☐
Lost in the Never WoodsAiden Thomas☑☐☐
Dearest JosephineCaroline George☑☐☐
Forestborn (…#1)Elayne Audrey Becker☑☐☐
A Song Beyond WallsS. Escobar☑☐☐
MelmothSarah Perry☑☐☐
Scars of Iron (…#1)Ivy G. Shadrick☑☐☐
Mar King (…#1)Nicolette Beebe☑☐☐
Girl, Serpent, ThornMelissa Bashardoust☑☐☐
A City InsideTillie Walden☑☐☐
Starfall (…#2)Lauren Jade☑☐☐
Day of the Horn (…#1)Chris J. Edwards☑☐☐
Smallhead & the Horrible Hag of HollowdaleAoc O’Ferrell☑☐☐
A Touch of Darkness (…#1)Scarlett St. Clair ☑☐☐
Fishes May Come Back Emre Attindağ☑☐☐
The Stars that Guide You HomeJemma Robinson☑☐☐
Maui & Other Maori LegendsPeter Gossage☑☐☐
How to Write like TolstoyRichard A. Cohen☑☐☐
This Golden FlameEmily Victoria☑☐☐
ElatsoeDarcie Little Badger☑☐☐
Black SmokeMckayla Eaton☑☑☐
The Last Children of TokyoYoko Tawada☑☐☐
BintiNnedi Okorafor☑☑☐
Daughters Who Walk this PathYejide Kilanko☑☐☐
Wild Swans: 3 Daughters of ChinaJung Chang☑☐☐
The Dictionary of Lost WordsPip Williams☑☐☐
Little Book of BeesHilary Kearney☑☐☐
The Prince of Starlight (…#1)Lou Wilham☑☐☐
Daughter of the Deep (…#1)Lina C. Amarego☑☐☐
Terry Jone’s Medieval Lives Terry Jones☑☐☐
The Mushroom GardenAdam Oehlers☑☐☐
The Gods of Men (…#1)Barbara Kloss☑☐☐
Harrow the Ninth (…#2)Tamsyn Muir☑☑☐
The Centaur’s WifeAmanda Leduc☑☐☐
H is for HawkHelen Macdonald☑☐☐
Fool Proof DictationChristopher Scott Downing☑☐☐
The Women TroubadoursMeg Bogin☑☐☐
OrfeiaJoanne M. Harris☑☐☐
The Silk HouseKayte Nunn☑☐☐
SynchronicityC.G. Jung☑☐☐
EchoesMarissa Lete☑☐☐
The Forest for the TreesBetsy Lemer☑☐☐
Heir of Elriyon (…#1)K. Michele Moseley☑☐☐
A Curse of IllusionsVivian Sader☑☐☐
The Doors of Riverdell (…#1)Marianne Rosen☑☐☐
Life Stages and Native WomenKim Anderson ☑☐☐
21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian ActBob Joseph☑☐☐
They Called Me Number OneBev Sellars☑☐☐
Inuit MythologyBernard Hayes☑☐☐
A National Crime: The Canadian Government and
the Residential School
John S. Milloy☑☐☐
Demon CopperheadBarbara Kingsolver☑☐☐
Animal DreamsBarbara Kingsolver☑☐☐
Prodigal SummerBarbara Kingsolver☑☐☐
PiranesiSusanna Clarke☑☐☐
HamnetMaggie O’Farrell☑☐☐
The PowerNaomi Alderman☑☐☐
Ghost ForestPik-Shuen Fung☑☐☐
Probably RubyLisa Bird-Wilson☑☐☐
All the Quiet PlacesBrian Thomas Isaac☑☐☐
We, JaneAimee Wall☑☐☐
Little FishCasey Plett☑☐☐
The Invisible Life of Addie LarueV.E. Schwab☑☐☐
The Midnight LibraryMatt Haig☑☐☐
Crown of Fire (…#1)Lisa King☑☑☐
AmmoniteNicola Griffith☑☑☐
Till We Have FacesC.S. Lewis☑☑☐
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoTaylor Jenkins Reid☑☑☐
The Priory of the Orange TreeSamantha Shannon☑☑☐
A Nest of NightmaresLisa Tuttle☑☑☐
The Black ChaliceMarie Jakober☑☑☐
Summoned (…#1)Mckalya Eaton☑☑☐
Marie de Régnier Gérard d’HouvilleHenriette de Chizeray-Cuny☑☑☐
JazzToni Morrison☑☐☐
FlotsPatrick Senécal☑☐☐
Les CatilinairesAmélie Nothomb☑☐☐
MercureAmélie Nothomb☑☐☐
Barbe bleueAmélie Nothomb☑☐☐
Les fiancés de l’hiver (…#1)Christelle Dabos☑☐☐
Même pas mortJean-Philippe Jaworski☑☐☐
EagleJanine Rogers☑☐☐
LadivineMarie NDiaye☑☐☐
Three Strong WomenMarie NDiaye☑☐☐
Self-Portrait in GreenMarie NDiaye☑☐☐
Les enfants sont rois Delphine de Vigan☑☐☐
Black MosesAlain Mabanckou☑☐☐
Mon mariMaud Ventura☑☐☐
Les ombres filantesChristian Guay-Poliquin☑☐☐
Le fils de l’hommeJean-Baptiste Del Amo☑☐☐
L’ArbousierRuth Rendell☑☐☐
Signé ParpotAlain Monnier☑☐☐
Le divin enfantPascal Bruckner☑☐☐
Je ne connais pas ma forceStéphanie Hochet☑☐☐
Un roman anglaisStéphanie Hochet☑☐☐
The Housekeeper and the ProfessorYōko Ogawa☑☐☐
The Memory PoliceYōko Ogawa☑☐☐
Le Musée du silenceYōko Ogawa☑☐☐
La Maison où je suis mort autrefoisKeigo Higashino☑☐☐
Le journal de mon pèreJirō Taniguchi☑☐☐
Un zoo en hiverJirō Taniguchi☑☐☐
FurariJirō Taniguchi☑☐☐
The God of Small ThingsArundhati Roy☑☐☐
Ace of SpadesFaridah Àbíké-Íyímídé☑☐☐
Queen Victoria’s Book of SpellsEllen Datlow, Terri Windling & al.☑☐☐
Clementine (…#1)Cherie Priest☑☐☐
The Secret HistoryDonna Tart☑☐☐
Never Let Me GoKazuo Ishiguro☑☐☐
Six of Crows (…#1)Leigh Bardugo☑☑☐
Neverwhere (…#1)Neil Gaiman☑☐☐
UnseelieIvelisse Housman☑☑☐
We Hunt the Flames (…#1)Hafsah Faizal☑☐☐
Daughter of the Pirate King (…#1)Tricia Levenseller☑☐☐
Jhereg (…#1)Steven Brust☑☐☐
A Broken Blade (…#1)Melissa Blair☑☐☐
BabelR.F. Kuang☑☑☐
The Thorn BirdsColleen McCullough☑☐☐
L’ami prodigieuseElena Ferrante ☑☐☐
Through Black SpruceJoseph Boyden☑☐☐
The OrendaJoseph Boyden☑☐☐
Fresh Water for FlowersValérie Perrin☑☐☐
DeficiencyS.C. Eston☑☐☐
The Burden of the ProtectorS.C. Eston☑☐☐
The Story GridShawn Coyne☑☐☐
The Atlas Six (…#1)Olivie Blake☑☐☐
When Women Were DragonsKelly Barnhill☑☐☐
A Career in BooksKate Gavino☑☐☐
Let the Rubble FallMandi Lynn☑☐☐
What Lies Above (…#1)Caitlin Lambert☑☐☐
Aletheia (…#1)Megan I. Tennant☑☐☐
The Secret Gift (…#1)Bethany Atazadeh☑☐☐
Scales of Ash & Smoke (…#1)Emily L. Schneider☑☐☐
A Taste of Magic (…#1)J. Elle☑☐☐
The Nature of WitchesRachel Griffin☑☐☐
Carval (…#1)Stephanie Garber☑☐☐
Isoldesse (…#1)Kimberly Grymes☑☐☐
The Ghost MapSteven Johnson☑☐☐
City of GhostsVictoria Schwab☑☐☐
Revenant PrinceT.A. Hernandez☑☐☐
Daughter of the Moon Goddess (…#1)Sue Lynn Tan☑☐☐
The Wish-EaterClaire Luana☑☐☐
Fantacy: Daughter of Fate (…#1)Vanessa Marie Caron☑☐☐
Cities of Smoke and Starlight (…#1)Alli Earnest☑☐☐
Wings of Ebony (…#1)J. Elle☑☐☐
The Other Side of the Sky (…#1)Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner☑☐☐
The MesmeristClaire Luana☑☐☐
RomanovNadine Brandes☑☐☐
Calico Thunder Rides AgainT.A. Hernandez☑☐☐
When Nothing Stares BackMarcus Vance☑☐☐
The Slow Regard of Silent ThingsPatrick Rothfuss☑☐☐
Le Fantôme de l’OpéraGaston Leroux☑☐☐
The Princess and the GoblinGeorge MacDonald☑☐☐
Kafka on the ShoreHaruhi Murakami☑☐☐
Medecine WalkWagamese Richard☑☐☐
Falling in Love with HominidsNalo Hopkinson☑☐☐
The Art and Science of Forest BathingQing Li☑☐☐
Kiskajeyi – I am Ready Michael Calvert & al.☑☐☐
The ThundermakerAlan Syliboy☑☐☐
Mik’maq LandscapesAnne-Christine Hornborg☑☐☐
Where the Wild Things AreMaurice Sendak☑☐☐
Stitches: A MemoirDavid Small☑☐☐
ParenthesisÉlodie Durand☑☐☐
Stone FruitLee Lai☑☐☐
Never Open It: The Taboo TrilogyJ.M. Ken Niimura☑☐☐
SpinningTillie Walden☑☐☐
AriadneJennifer Saint☑☐☐
The Children of JocastaNatalie Haynes☑☐☐
Daughters of SpartaClaire Haywood☑☐☐
Woman EatingClaire Kohda☑☐☐
Comfort Me With ApplesCatherynne M. Valente☑☐☐
House of NamesColm Tóibín☑☐☐
Firekeeper’s Daughter Angeline Boulley☑☐☐
Mexican GothicSilvia Moreno-Garcia☑☐☐

Did you make it all the way through the list? Have you read any books on it?

(Shoutout if you can guess how many blank pages I still have reserved for this TBR)

Oh, and here’s the all books my dad gifted me over the holidays! I chose them based on what was on clearance/sale at the time (shoutout to Kerri for joining us on that shopping trip), but I forgot to add them to the TBR:

  • Gretel and the Dark by Eliza Granville
  • Strange Harvest: The Hidden Histories of Seven Natural Objects by Edward Posnett
  • Miss Austen by Gill Hornby
  • The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner
  • Song of a Nation by Robert Harris
  • After the Flood by Kassandra Montag
  • The Sleeping Car Porter by Suzette Mayr
  • Why Will No-One Publish My Novel? by Fay Weldon

I think 2023 is going to be a fine reading year.

I look forward to what’s ahead.

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